Welcome to Bison Bluff Farms website. We are glad you’ve taken the time to visit our page and learn about our farm, family and bison. Should you have any questions about us or our site, use the contact information at the bottom of each page to contact us by phone or email.  Please note that we will be shipping soon, check back at a later date.  Thank you!

Bison Bluff Farms is owned and operated by Clifton Howell and his family, and consists of over 350 bison roaming on more than 1,000 acres located on Bethel Church Road in Cobden, Illinois. The bison are grass fed, supplemented with some grain and minerals, with no chemicals or hormones added.The Howell family is the core to Bison Bluff Farms.

We encourage everyone to try our meat.  If you are interested in making a purchase, please feel free to contact us at (618) 521-5102.  We have had several calls regarding tours. Please note that we are no longer giving tours at this time.

Also, don’t miss us in the Southernmost Illinois Visitor’s Guide. – View (.pdf)